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Products & Services

  - Paint Process Optimization

  - Paint System Audit

  - Paint System Specification

    a Paint Color Change Efficiency

    a Paint Shop Throughput

    a Paint Overspray Reduction

    a Painting Robot Paths

    a Paint Finish Quality

    a Paint System Troubleshooting

    a Painting System Automation

  - Paint Supply & Delivery Systems

    a Dead Head Paint Supply

    a Recirculating Paint Supply

    a Flexible Colors Paint Delivery

    a Piggable Paint Supply System

    a Self-Flushing Paint Systems

    a Oil Free Paint Supply

    a Paint Sheer Reduction

    a Spray Booth Waste Collection

  - Paint Flow Control

  - 2 or 3K Paint Dispensing Systems




Since 2008, our customers have created over a thousand jobs in paint finishing, opened new facilities, expanded existing ones, and brought millions in production back to the USA.  Improved paint finishing operations have added greater than $300 million to their businesses.  The average NAPaint project ROI is less than 5 months.  Annual benefit can exceed tens of millions.





NA Paint has current opportunities for automation engineers on a contract basis.  The work relates to improvements on existing industrial and automotive robotic paint application systems located in the Midwest.  Terms are from one month to one year.


Separately, our customers have openings for automation and paint application engineers, and shift supervisors.


Our work has immediate and profound benefit to our customers and their communities.  Our customers have created over 1000 jobs since 2008.  If you have a strong interest in competitive U. S. manufacturing and can achieve results in production paint processes that support your contract, then we encourage you to submit your qualifications.


We really do look forward to hearing from you.





You may contact us or send inquiries to:







North American Paint Application Company

657 Naoma Drive

Crete, IL 60417


Phone: (708) 663-8705

Fax: (801) 672-4163 






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